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Block! Hexa

Fit the pieces into the hexagonal puzzles to clear each level and pass the time

Version: 5.0.2

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: BitMango


Block! Hexa Puzzle is a free block puzzle game for Android.

The game is designed to be easy and fun to play for all ages. The game has brightly colored graphics and a unique puzzle format that will make it hold your attention longer than the average puzzler.

The game's objective is simple: You try to fit all of your blocks into one frame. But the puzzles get more and more complex as time goes on. Since blocks can't be rotated, you need to drag and drop unique shapes exactly as they are, and use those blocks to perfectly fill out a predetermined shape. Levels aren't timed, so you can spend as much time analyzing and testing different configurations as you want.

Block! Hexa Puzzle has more than three hundred unique levels. All of the game content is downloaded initially, so you can easily play offline. The graphics have beautiful visual effects, and the sound effects make game play a multi-sensory experience.

Block! Hexa Puzzle is optimized for Android and Google Play games. You can integrate it with Google Play to compete with your friends and keep track of your scores on the Leaderboard. The app is designed to work on both tablets and smartphones.


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